Our Vision

The vision of Nepal Orienteering Federation is ‘Pride, Passion & participation (3P) The aim of the Development Programme is to deliver the ‘PRIDE, PASSION & PARTICIPATION aspects of the vision for Nepal Orienteering Federation (NOF) Our primary intervention is called ‘Orienteering for all’ to signify the relationship with local people, and clubs.

The aim is:
1. To increase participation through recruiting newcomers to the sport.
2. To increase participation through increasing the frequency of participation of cur-
rent orienteer.

By creating and resourcing an implementation plan that will enable staff and volunteers to deliver the programme successfully:

1. By establishing activity centres, where coaching is delivered to new partici pants. Key factors: local venue, lead coach, weekly sessions, marketing, access to new participants. Focus on School; identify schools, sport teachers

2. By establishing state, Zone, district, and local clubs, where training of mixed ability participants take place. Key factors: local venue experienced lead coach, weekly sessions, promotion to members.

3. By increasing the number of local events staged to provide opportunity for participants to practice their skills. Key factors: low key, local, frequent, mid-week and at weekends.

4. By establishing Orienteering place/spots: we are talking to government of Nepal, ministry of sports and National Sports council for orienteering places. Af ter all things set up, we would like to operate a national competition, in close observation of International Orienteering Federation (IOF) and National Sports Council (NSC). We are proposing for 8-10 hectare forest/woodland/place nearby Kathmandu for tournament. Also will talk in state, Zone and district level for training activities.

5. In coordination with Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police so that they will provide training new coming players. So we can produce more trainers and send them to state, zone, district and local level.

6. Nepal Orienteering aims to provide weekly training and activities in a fixed location that will allow for skill development at a social and motivating level for people of all ages and abilities.

7. Call Asia Regional Trainer to conduct Training/Workshop for 1-2 weeks.

Nepal Orienteering also includes local events and competitions that can provide a stepping stone into mainstream orienteering events. Nepal Orienteering aims to attack a broad range of participants from a wide demographic. The following key principles will be used to identify areas:
1) Good support from the local club
2) Availability of volunteers
3) Availability of a coaching workforce
4) Accessibility to orienteering facilities
5) The demand for orienteering and outdoor leisure activities Population centres

Nepal Orienteering Federation will rely on a trained and dedicated volunteer work force to deliver club activities. Coaching represents a key area where a workforce is required to support new participants in the sport. Nepal Orienteering Federation will support existing coaches and bring on board new coaches to deliver Orienteering de velopment. Coaches at this level operate within International Orienteering’s coaching safety guidelines. Further volunteer roles are also available in the Nepal Orienteering development including someone organising the finances; booking the venue; publicis ing the activities and organising the refreshments. Work to support the development of club officials is ongoing which empowers volunteers to lead clubs forward. Partnership support from Running Sports and Local Sports club is important and we will partnership with them too.

Nepal Orienteering Federation will also partner with other sports. We welcome the opportunity to link the Orienteering programme with other running/ walking initia tives such as the Community Athletics Network and the ‘Marathon ‘ Programme and look to develop Mountain Bike and track Orienteering activity.

Nepal Orienteering Federation is committed to ensuring that, we will financially self sustaining in the near future and will be able participants funding facility hire; coaching expenses; mapping costs, GPS tracking equipments and other equipments purchases. Nepal Orienteering indicates to Community Orienteering programmes to charge from the outset of a programme to build up funds for these purposes.

1) Access to Nepal Orienteering Federation resources. This includes the Activity Guide, Year in a Box and Coaching DVD amongst others.
2) Nepal Orienteering Federation will run a series of supported coaching courses.

This funding is separate from the financial offer detailed above. To further enhance the number of coaches Nepal Orienteering will work with partners to utilize funding opportunities.